About Anna


My name is Anna. I am Steve's wife., and have been a major part of Steve's Lock Out since it began. I have a degree in Small Business Managment. It's me you most likely will talk to first when you call us, although I do my best to hand the phone over to Steve when he isn't out serving someone else. Steve has trained me to properly cut keys. I can cut most all keys that are brought into our shop. I can also do a small amount of in shop rekeying, although I am not as fast as Steve. With Steve's help, I also was the creator of Smelly Good Stuffs. It is an incense shop located in Steve's Lock Out. We carry a wide selection of incense, and other things that smell good. When I'm not at the shop I like to go on calls with Steve, teach my boys (which is a 24/7/365 enjoyment since we home educate our boys), crochet, spin wool, knit (I'm leaning how to do this), love on my cat, go places with my family, visit Silver Dollar City, and cook (which with that comes eating).

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