About Andrew


About me...... Well. What I do at Steves Lock Out is run the cash register a little bit, help stock a little bit, and help my dad with jobs that we go on. In my spare time I like to skateboard, play computer/video games, draw fantasy creatures, read books, write my story that I am writing, swim, and go down to my friends house. I would like to learn some different martial arts and enjoy spending time with our family pets. I also would either like to be a Game Programmer or a Locksmith when I grow up to be a adult, and aslo some other careers. I am 13 and in a hurry to get to 14 so I can drive. Some sports that interest me is Skateboarding, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Monster Truck Ralleys, Drag Racing, and Demolation Derbys. Some school type stuff that interests me is Galaxies, Nebulas, Ancient Egypt, African Animals, Medeivel Europe, Vikings/Norse, the Colors of Infinity, Cooking, how Electonics work, Old Coins, and Zero Gravity.

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